Definition of metol in US English:



  • A soluble white compound used as a photographic developer.

    A sulfate of 4-methylaminophenol (chemical formula: CH₃NHC₆H₄OH)

    • ‘I made an exposure on Seagull, but to keep the contrast under control I was developing in Adam's Ansco 130 Variant, which has metol and glycin and gives a rather soft, warm rendering.’
    • ‘As I have explained in my Print Solarization article, the best developer for the Sabatier effect is one that contains metol only.’
    • ‘An earlier version of the formula published on the newsgroup called for 2.5 grams of metol in place of the phenidone.’
    • ‘Developing agents most readily available were metol, hydroquinone, and Phenidone.’
    • ‘This is because they mostly contain two developing agents: either phenidone or metol, which effectively develop the lighter image tones, with hydroquinone, which is responsible for the heavier densities.’


Late 19th century: from German, arbitrarily named by the inventor.