Definition of methyl alcohol in US English:

methyl alcohol


  • another term for methanol
    • ‘The member for Otago raised an interesting point relating to methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol.’
    • ‘Another example of the usefulness of this technology is in determining potential environmental impacts of using methyl alcohol instead of gasoline in internal combustion engines.’
    • ‘Planned and feasible solutions include obtaining hydrogen through water electrolysis and then producing ammonia by adding nitrogen to the hydrogen, or producing methyl alcohol by adding carbon to the hydrogen.’
    • ‘Methanol, which is also known as methyl alcohol, wood spirit, and wood naptha, is the simplest example of an alcohol.’
    • ‘Endogenous peroxidase activity was quenched by treating the slides with 3% hydrogen peroxide in methyl alcohol for 10 minutes.’


methyl alcohol

/ˈmeTHəl ˈalkəˌhôl/