Definition of methinks in English:



[NO OBJECT]archaic, humorous
  • It seems to me.

    ‘life has been rather hard on her, methinks’
    [with clause] ‘methought you knew all about it’
    • ‘But the inclusion of quizzes was unnecessary, methinks.’
    • ‘In which case methinks we should utilize this peculiar soothsaying ability for more capitalistic means than mere survival.’
    • ‘My parents' generation, methinks, largely failed to see the value in life without money.’
    • ‘But methinks also that the left has already made up its mind.’
    • ‘He seems to have risen to the occasion fairly well, methinks.’


Old English mē thyncth, from mē to me + thyncth it seems (from thyncan seem related to, but distinct from, think).