Definition of metathetical in US English:



  • See metathesis

    • ‘Now it is certainly possible to rig up such a metathetical reaction where the ions change partners and both precipitate!’
    • ‘Methanol extraction of the as-synthesized nanocrystals from the metathetical reaction of GaCl3 with (Na / K) 3As resulted in surface derivatization of the nanoparticles in which methanol capped GaAs quantum dots were obtained.’
    • ‘The metathetical process to generate isocyanates allows also for facile formation of sterically demanding aryl isocyanide, by a deoxygenation route.’
    • ‘Both thermal (in solid state) and metathetical polymerization (using WCl6 / tetramethyltin catalyst and chlorobenzene solvent) of bisnadimides was carried out.’
    • ‘Furthermore, we have found that the throughput for the process is improved when an ammonium salt is used for the metathetical second step of the process.’