Definition of metarule in US English:



  • A rule governing the content, form, or application of other rules.

    ‘three particular metarules of international law provide especially weak support’
    • ‘The metarules in the methodologies package activate other packages, depending on the context.’
    • ‘It may be a metarule at your office that the rules in the policies manual aren't followed.’
    • ‘They must familiarize themselves with a dance form's ‘code’ - with its rules and metarules and the daily practices that constitute the kind of body language that it is.’
    • ‘This property of metarules will ultimately reduce the high price of false alarms that organizations typically pay.’
    • ‘Note that since metarules are rules, they are subject to change based on other metarules.’
    • ‘This page and the following three will develop what rules are applied by the story character specialist: this includes metarules, rules of comparison and inference rules.’
    • ‘Panini's grammar uses a variety of formal techniques including recursion, transformations, and metarules.’
    • ‘We prove the termination for a set of metarules used in our German grammar and show how metarules can be integrated into the parser.’
    • ‘A society whose metarules imply that changes in legal rules will be accompanied by large changes in individual wealth is therefore likely to spend considerable resources fighting over such changes.’
    • ‘There are two overarching metarules which determine where the Road Tiles go.’