Definition of metaphosphoric acid in US English:

metaphosphoric acid


  • A glassy deliquescent solid obtained by heating orthophosphoric acid.

    A polymer; chemical formula (HPO₃)ₙ

    • ‘Each frozen sample was homogenized with a mortar and pestle in 5 ml of 2% metaphosphoric acid.’
    • ‘Embryos or endosperms were homogenized in 5% metaphosphoric acid.’
    • ‘Apoplastic-washed fluid was collected into Eppendorf tubes containing 6% metaphosphoric acid.’
    • ‘Upon collection, a 5-mL aliquot of rumen fluid was acidified with 1 mL of 25% metaphosphoric acid and allowed to stand for 30 min.’
    • ‘In this case, to avoid oxidation of ASC contained in samples, AF were collected in centrifuge tubes containing a concentrated solution of metaphosphoric acid.’


metaphosphoric acid

/ˌmetəˌfäsˌfôrik ˈasəd/