Definition of metalwork in US English:



  • 1The art of making things out of metal.

    • ‘Offered a choice of ceramics, woodwork and metalwork, she elected to work in metal.’
    • ‘Farming, carpentry, metalwork and leatherwork skills and services will be core activities.’
    • ‘When I started teaching, it was about woodwork, metalwork, engineering and technical drawing.’
    • ‘When he was younger and his friends were enjoying doing woodwork and metalwork he preferred spending time in the kitchen. search news’
    • ‘The new centre offers courses in typing, computer and leatherwork skills for girls, and carpentry, metalwork and construction skills for boys.’
    • ‘It is a far cry from the days when girls did domestic science and boys did woodwork or metalwork at school.’
    • ‘The exhibition provides endless proof of refinements of beauty in textiles and architecture, woodwork and metalwork, ceramics and miniature painting.’
    • ‘In intermediate I was top of the school for woodwork and metalwork but I failed cooking because I refused to keep to the recipes.’
    • ‘Miss Godfrey said: ‘Modern punches look exactly like the ancient ones and anyone who studied metalwork or woodwork at school would have used the same sort of punch.’’
    • ‘All of the interior metalwork is burr-free and easy on the knuckles.’
    • ‘It's a scheme that also lends itself to metalwork and woodwork, she says.’
    • ‘Allowing parents to participate in woodwork / metalwork / drama classes?’
    • ‘When I went to school there were woodwork, metalwork, and technical drawing classes - those kinds of subjects.’
    • ‘In the first building the children would have classrooms while the other building was used for woodwork and metalwork where we were given the job of building a bookshelf for the classroom.’
    • ‘They're self-taught experts in the minutiae of day-to-day medieval life, tracking down recipes, studying forgotten languages, practising metalwork or sewing.’
    • ‘The techniques Matthew and his fellow craftsmen use are more akin to woodworking than modern metalwork.’
    • ‘Excavations have revealed a complicated history which, to judge from a hoard of metalwork found in the interior (now in Manchester University Museum), began in the later Bronze Age.’
    • ‘Most belong in one of five trades: leather work, shoe-making, woodwork, inlay work and metalwork.’
    • ‘Trainees can specialize in two-year courses in joinery, metalwork, agricultural machinery maintenance, and construction skills.’
    • ‘The father-of-three enjoyed practical subjects like metalwork which he finds useful in his present job and the first aid course was helpful.’
    1. 1.1 Metal objects collectively.
      ‘a wealth of fine metalwork, including a sword’
      • ‘Also in Melbourne, Four Silversmiths, an exhibition of contemporary Korean metalwork.’
      • ‘British art reached a magnificent peak, especially in metalwork, all swirling motifs and fine enamelling, but it concentrated on the equipping of warrior chiefs and possibly the adornment of shrines.’
      • ‘Nearly 160 objects are on vie w, including furniture, metalwork, works on paper, photographs, architectural fragments, interior fittings, and textiles.’
      • ‘The 142 objects on view include paintings, works on paper, ceramics, metalwork, glass, furniture, and textiles made in the seventeenth century.’
      • ‘Morin approved everything, including the custom metalwork, glasswork, and built-in furniture.’
      • ‘These studios taught and sold a wide variety of arts and crafts including; metalwork, leatherwork, embroidery, ceramic decoration, and painting.’
      • ‘It brought art into everyday life from architecture to furniture design, blazing a trail in painting, glassware, graphic design, jewellery, pottery, metalwork, textiles and sculpture.’
      • ‘His contribution included immeasurably enhancing the collections of metalwork and adding one of the masterpieces of English furniture, Thomas Chippendale's writing table made for Harewood House.’
      • ‘Jewelry, particularly in gold and silver, is popular, as is other metalwork, such as brass and copper plates and bowls.’
      • ‘Of the unplanned effects of the dissolution, the wholesale destruction of fine Gothic buildings, melting down of medieval metalwork and jewellery, and sacking of libraries were acts of licensed vandalism.’
      • ‘The South American country is seeking the return of some 4,900 artefacts from the Inca citadel, including ceramics, cloths and metalwork.’
      • ‘Approximately 1,300 objects will be on show, including ceramics, glass, metalwork, furniture, costume and textiles, toys and dolls' houses.’
      • ‘Roman luxury goods such as fine ceramic tableware, metalwork, and the amphorae containing wine, olive oil, and other foodstuffs from the Mediterranean, continued to be brought into Britain.’
      • ‘On 19 April, Edinburgh auctioneers Lyon and Turnbull present the finest collection of metalwork designed by Dr Christopher Dresser ever to come to auction.’
      • ‘That metalwork includes the mechanisms behind the project's most dramatic feature, a convertible kitchen.’
      • ‘Conservation-Restoration of antique clocks, antique furniture, books and library material, ceramics and related materials and fine metalwork.’
      • ‘The same is true for fine cloisonné, lacquerware and decorative metalwork.’
      • ‘What about technology which could produce such fine metalwork?’
      • ‘Thus, the finest metalwork of the East Angles resembles that of Kent, and their royal dynasty seems to have been Swedish.’
      • ‘The Vikings brought silver, goods, and mercenaries from overseas and probably took at least as much away in Irish slaves, fine metalwork, and the products of the countryside.’
    2. 1.2 The metal part of a construction.
      ‘engineers spotted cracks in the metalwork’
      • ‘And if the metalwork is not bright and not attractive and not rich, does it support a value of $4 million per apartment?"’
      • ‘The Company specialises in the architectural metalwork and structural steelwork aspects of the construction industry.’
      • ‘Initially the main field developed by the company was manufacture of metalwork for objects of civil and industrial construction.’
      • ‘Future works will include the rust proofing of the grates and other significant metalwork in the tunnels.’
      • ‘Both volumes retain their original solid oak boards recessed to support panels of decorative metalwork which have been lost, no doubt at the Reformation.’