Definition of metallurgic in US English:



  • See metallurgy

    • ‘The cobalt plant is part of a large metallurgic concern that produces fine cobalt metal powders, cobalt oxides, and cobalt salts.’
    • ‘The superintendent for the Midas Mining Company of Rochester, New York, favored names having metallurgic or zoological meaning, including Chrysostone and Megatherium.’
    • ‘In his speech, Saxe-Coburg also said that, apart from being vital to the economy, the metallurgic sector should be developed, while at the same time observing environmental conditions.’
    • ‘Exports of clothing and knitwear added up to about $1.5 billion, metallurgic and steel industry products were $720 million, machine building products more than $470 million, fuels close to $440 million.’
    • ‘A very important contract was signed for the import of a large amount of ferrous ore to supply the Kremikovtsi metallurgic plant in exchange for railway carriages for the mine industry to be produced in Bulgaria.’