Definition of metallography in US English:



  • The descriptive science of the structure and properties of metals.

    • ‘There are two important features of bainite kinetics which can be shown by a variety of techniques, e.g. dilatometry, electrical resistivity, magnetic measurements and by metallography.’
    • ‘It is built up of a number of crystals of the same composition, given the name ferrite in metallography.’
    • ‘The austenite-pearlite reaction Pearlite is probably the most familiar micro structural feature in the whole science of metallography.’
    • ‘Extremely careful metallography on tapered sections through the surface of the specimen has shown that fatigue cracks initiate at intrusions and extrusions.’
    • ‘With the advent of metallography, and as the body of knowledge pertinent to cast iron increased, other classifications based on microstructural features became possible.’