Definition of metacarpus in US English:


nounPlural metacarpi

  • The group of five bones of the hand between the wrist (carpus) and the fingers.

    • ‘Indeed, the carpus and base of metacarpus appear to be thrown backward so much, as on first view to excite a suspicion that the carpus has been dislocated.’
    • ‘The major anomalies were an increased frequency of cryptochordism; a decrease/delay in ossification centers of the hyoid, metacarpus, and metatarsal bones; delay in eruption of incisors; and a decrease in body weight.’
    • ‘Growth of the distal ½ of the radius, the carpus, and the proximal ½ of the metacarpus is centered in the regions of the distal physis of the radius, the distal epiphysis of the radius, and the cuboidal bones of the carpus.’
    • ‘It may appear in two forms: slips arising from the back of the wrist, and slips arising from the carpus or metacarpus may be connected to the tendons of interosseous muscles as well as to the tendons of the extensor.’
    • ‘He reported the following variations of extensor ossis metacarpi pollicis (abductor pollicis longus).’
    fist, palm
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Late Middle English: modern Latin, alteration of Greek metakarpion.