Definition of messaging in US English:



  • The sending and processing of email and similar electronic communications.

    • ‘It supports text and multimedia messaging, WAP, email and Java applications.’
    • ‘An intranet is the networking medium and it provides a stable messaging and collaboration platform.’
    • ‘Half of its life is spent as a flash mobile phone offering internet access, multi-media messaging and an MP3 player.’
    • ‘It will also offer new classes and controls for accessing telephony features, messaging and SMS.’
    • ‘Most of the basic functions are a generation ahead and the multimedia messaging is top-notch.’
    • ‘If the public is to choose between spam and reliable messaging, which one do you think it will choose?’
    • ‘And because a phone is no longer a phone without one, it has a built-in camera for multimedia messaging and taking snap-shots.’
    • ‘Cellular providers are eyeing unified messaging for e-mail, and increased usage and paging sales.’
    • ‘Instant messaging fills a niche between a phone call and e-mail, and it's fast and not too intrusive.’
    • ‘This is reflective of the various laws' focus on both electronic messaging and a variety of support documents.’
    • ‘Instant messaging can be as easy, if not easier, to snoop into than e-mail.’
    • ‘Some prefer a fiat fee per box, while others would rather run the messaging channel themselves and pay a license fee.’
    • ‘While secure messaging is a top priority, it should not been done in isolation.’
    • ‘Instant messaging through the set could be one of the most popular ITV services.’
    • ‘Through electronic messaging, people are spreading the word about the next cool thing faster than ever imagined.’
    • ‘It also works uploads pictures to a website and configuration information or messaging.’
    • ‘The tri-band phone comes with an integrated camera, picture editing software, animated messaging, XHTML browser.’
    • ‘These include instant video calling, unified messaging, call screening and routing.’
    • ‘With a full set of messaging features it means you have more flexibility about where and when you work.’
    • ‘Instant messaging is a popular corporate communication tool that warrants archiving as much as e-mail.’