Definition of message box in US English:

message box


  • A small box that appears on a computer screen to inform the user of something, such as the occurrence of an error.

    • ‘The computer buzzed for a few seconds and then flashed a message box on the screen.’
    • ‘The man clicked on the envelope, then reached for the keyboard when a message box appeared at the center of the screen.’
    • ‘A message box on her screen blinked to life, and Cassida smiled.’
    • ‘Sloane's data appeared on the screen alongside a message box saying that no one called Nathalie had been born in the given years.’
    • ‘In July the worm is programmed to display a message box describing itself as the ‘Lorraine Worm’.’
    • ‘His message box was empty, so was his alert screen.’
    • ‘Then the little red light flashed on the message box.’
    • ‘However, if the attached file is opened, a fake message box can appear berating the Windows operating system in a lengthy tirade.’
    • ‘Trey clocked onto it to open a message box after appearing offline on his contact list and started a conversation.’
    • ‘It also drops a VBS file displaying a message box which includes offensive text about anti-virus researcher Graham Cluley.’
    • ‘A message box popped up, informing me that name was taken.’
    • ‘The purpose of this method is to pop up a message box from the testing application that tells me that something went wrong, such as an invalid cast or a plug-in that was missing the implementation class altogether.’
    • ‘Before Kassie could type in a reply, the message box read, ‘Mighty Mike may not reply because he or she appears to be offline.’’
    • ‘He exited his room and looked at his message box.’
    • ‘You will face endless message boxes stating ‘How are you.’’
    • ‘In addition, it would contain several custom message boxes that the user would have to OK to during installation and use.’
    • ‘If an update is available then it will display a message box to that effect and you then have the choice of whether to download or not.’
    • ‘You can post custom message boxes at the start and end of the SFX process and clean up all the extracted files at the end of the SFX process.’
    • ‘Expect to get null pointer errors, every so often; an annoying message box appears, informing you of some mysterious internal null pointer error.’
    • ‘Once the application has the result, it prints out a message to a message box to show if the login was successful.’