Definition of message board in US English:

message board


  • A website or web page where users can post comments about a particular issue or topic and reply to other users' postings.

    Compare with bulletin board
    • ‘An Internet message board has been pulled amid allegations it was used by bullies to harass and victimise school children.’
    • ‘I saw Robert, the man who could not speak, reading the message board.’
    • ‘At least one flamewar about that issue is already under way in this area of the site's message board.’
    • ‘My Internet bird message board has been bombarding me with articles on why gravel is bad.’
    • ‘I see the message board as a crucial piece, but not the only piece, of an online community.’
    • ‘Kelly was checking an Internet message board during the commercials.’
    • ‘Once the most identifiable feature of the Web site, the online message board no longer exists.’
    • ‘For those of us who are customers it is well worth reading the message board where staff shine some light on the workings of the company.’
    • ‘The same thing can be said of your opinion, whether it's on a blog, or a message board, or a commercial news site.’
    • ‘Well isn't nice that we can post our responses to an internet message board instead of freezing in a cell?’
    • ‘Their site's message board contains a mixture of sympathy and criticism.’
    • ‘I met him on a message board on the Internet and things sort of progressed from there.’
    • ‘At least not in any way that spewing it all out on an internet message board is going to make any clearer.’
    • ‘The rogue links were posted on a message board for the school - giving children possible access to hardcore porn.’
    • ‘You need to register on our message board if you aren't already registered.’
    • ‘One site features a message board with a dozen hysterical attempts to translate a song.’
    • ‘Isaacs memorised the information while his friend was out of the room and then posted it on a financial message board.’
    • ‘Lastly, if the site or journal is too obscure, I may as well go post on some random message board.’
    • ‘An on-line message board, where a web site's patrons chat with each other, is a very simple example of community.’
    • ‘I've been reading this message board on and off since it started, although I've never posted until now.’


message board