Definition of message-bearer in US English:


(also message-carrier)


  • A person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages.

    • ‘Worse, they say they're sometimes used as family spies or message carriers.’
    • ‘Although the physical dangers of public speaking have disappeared these days, the trepidation of that poor message bearer has not.’
    • ‘Has he no higher a status than that or a message-carrier or a postman who, after delivering the letter, has no concern with it whatsoever?’
    • ‘Previous holders of the post had been content to be message bearers from the naval brass and to act as bag carriers for senators on overseas trips.’
    • ‘So far as our convenience was concerned, it was quite useless as a message-bearer.’
    • ‘I said to the editor who was the message-bearer that it wasn't true, and it didn't belong in the story, period.’
    • ‘In ancient Greece, a message bearer's job was a precarious business.’
    • ‘Unlike other data carriers they have remained unbiased with regards to their primary function as a data and message carrier.’
    message-carrier, postman, courier, errand boy, errand girl, runner, dispatch rider, envoy, emissary, agent, go-between, legate, nuncio, herald, harbinger
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