Definition of mesquite bean in US English:

mesquite bean


  • An edible pod from the mesquite that can be eaten whole, used to produce flour, or fed to animals.

    • ‘A good supply of mesquite beans or cakes could be traded to other Cahuilla families for other foods.’
    • ‘People find themselves shin-deep in mesquite beans they don't know what to do with, and some of us feel guilty throwing them into the landfill.’
    • ‘Harvesting mesquite bean pods for food promotes economic health for communities in desert regions and promotes conservation of natural resources.’
    • ‘The mesquite beans have been an essential food source for Native Americans for centuries.’
    • ‘The insects will feed on the seeds, and many commercial mesquite bean growers are dismayed at their presence.’
    • ‘Grilling spices are everywhere but nowhere can you find a better mesquite flavor than with 100% natural mesquite meal or mesquite bean pods.’
    • ‘Now my small property has an exceptional crop of mesquite beans every year.’
    • ‘But the mesquite bean has a very low oil content and the kernel which would contain the oil is not eaten.’
    • ‘I've read that by mid-summer, mesquite beans make up something like 80% of a coyote's diet.’
    • ‘Cattle primarily are affected by mesquite beans, although goats are also known to be affected.’
    • ‘Native Americans have long used mesquite beans to make numerous delicacies and a few staples.’
    • ‘There really isn't a lot of research on how long a mesquite bean will survive and under what conditions.’
    • ‘Exfoliating wild mesquite bean meal and skin soothing oatmeal enrich this scrubby tan bar scented with a warm and earthy patchouli essential oil blend.’
    • ‘They remained with them eight months until the mesquite bean ripened, when they took up their travels westward.’
    • ‘You will be encouraged to pound mesquite beans into flour, to make a yucca brush, and to twist agave fibers into twine at stations along the Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert Trail.’
    • ‘Made from extracting the juice from the mesquite bean pods that grow abundantly in our southwestern desert.’
    • ‘They grind the entire mesquite bean and produce a meal that is 11 percent to 17 percent protein.’
    • ‘The Urban Farm in Phoenix is sponsoring a mesquite bean grinding program.’
    • ‘Milling is a process by which the mesquite beans are pulverized into a protein rich powder very similar to flour.’
    • ‘Grind mesquite beans with a mortar and pestle until they reach a flour-like consistency.’