Definition of mesopause in US English:



  • The boundary in the earth's atmosphere between the mesosphere and the thermosphere, at which the temperature stops decreasing with increasing height and begins to increase.

    • ‘Using data from TIMED/SABER, we studied the global behavior of the mesopause at solstice (northern-hemisphere summer).’
    • ‘The figures give a climatology of prevailing horizontal winds at mesopause heights and Collm time series of mesopause wind parameters.’
    • ‘The oscillations in the measured dayglow intensities in the mesopause region and the winds at ~ 87 km are resulting from the modulation caused by this wave in this region after a delay of 4-5 days.’
    • ‘The normal altitude is about 100 km while the summer mesopause is situated around 87 km for about 4 month.’
    • ‘It is this alteration in the diffusivity of the mesopause region that allows structures in the electron density to persist at observable scales.’
    • ‘The summer polar mesopause is the coldest part of the atmosphere, with temperatures reaching below 130K, in spite of being continuously sunlight.’
    • ‘At the upper boundary of the mesosphere, the mesopause, the temperature is between 110°C, in summer, and 60°C, in winter.’
    • ‘Some experiments were realized to verify the validity of the new technique and to provide the temperature profile in the mesopause region.’
    • ‘The MU radar can measure the diffusion coefficients in the mesopause region by observing meteor echoes.’
    • ‘It is suggested that the wave-wave sum resonant interaction and the wave dissipation due to instability are two dominant dynamical processes that occur in the mesopause region.’