Definition of mesolectal in US English:



  • See mesolect

    • ‘To answer this question, it is necessary to investigate which BSAE features are present in the speech of acrolectal speakers of this variety and which are only found in basilectal or mesolectal speakers.’
    • ‘Please note that most of the spelling follows mesolectal orthography, or English-based approximations, which do not represent the true sounds, so be careful in adopting them.’
    • ‘Lower (mesolectal and basilectal) varieties of Singapore English used by the less competent speakers, producing utterances such as ‘He my teacher’, ‘Why you say me until like that?’’
    • ‘The primary mesolectal diatype, however, is German, which also dominates in the acrolect.’
    • ‘So, some of the population speak a Creole variety, others speak a mesolectal variety which simply put, involves systematic use of some Creole and non-Creole features, and then others speak a standard variety.’