Definition of mesocyclone in English:



  • A cyclonic air mass associated with a supercell; its presence is a condition for a tornado warning.

    • ‘One of the major differences of super cells compared to that of single-cell and multi-cells storms is that, the super cell contains a viscous rotating updraft, this rotational updraft is known as a mesocyclone.’
    • ‘Thunderstorms containing mesocyclones are known as supercells, and sometimes produce destructive tornadoes.’
    • ‘If the thunderstorm is moving rapidly toward or away from you, the mesocyclone may be harder to detect.’
    • ‘To do so, it will first be necessary to examine to what extent mesocyclones appear in high’
    • ‘This helicity value was classified as a strong mesocyclone environment according to Davies-Jones.’
    • ‘The best view of a mesocyclone is normally from a location east of the updraft, looking west.’
    • ‘The frequency shift is then converted to wind velocity, yielding a small region of rapidly changing wind direction, a characteristic rotational wind shear signature of the mesocyclone indicating a tornadic circulation.’
    • ‘A survey of mesocyclones near the Antarctic Peninsula using digital satellite imagery collected at Palmer Station’
    • ‘It is worth to mention that the axisymmetric circulation characteristics of the mesocyclone at its mature stage resemble a feature very similar to that observed in a mature typhoon.’
    • ‘Two rotating wall clouds revealed twin low-level mesocyclones on the SW side of a classic, cyclic supercell.’
    • ‘Various different temperatures and wind interactions at different altitudes can cause a rotating updraft called a mesocyclone.’
    • ‘Huaqing applied this technique to radar data of five mesocyclones, three of which spawned tornadoes.’
    • ‘Should the proportion of tornadic mesocyclones go down to 20% or so, as it now appears it might, this problem is correspondingly exacerbated.’
    • ‘This is true even though some recent observations found that the mesocyclone gust front structures are not strictly low-level phenomena, but instead, extend through a considerable depth of the storm.’
    • ‘Mesolow should not be confused with mesocyclone, which is a storm-scale phenomenon.’
    • ‘Figure 2 shows the trend of average lowest altitude diameter of the mesocyclone from T - 5 to T + 1.’
    • ‘These kinds of mesocyclones are also rare, only occurring with landfalling tropical systems.’
    • ‘Some of the rotational velocities may have been underestimated because of the small width of the vortex, supported by large spectrum widths associated with mesocyclones some distance from the radar.’


Late 20th century.