Definition of mesocephalic in US English:



  • Having a head of medium proportions, not markedly brachycephalic or dolichocephalic.

    • ‘The dimensions of his head are small, however; he must be regarded as a mesocephalic, cranially reduced type.’
    • ‘Modern Nordics are typically mesocephalic, but their ancestors were dolichocephalic, long skulled, i.e. having a cephalic index less than 77.1), while Keltics are more usually mesocephalic.’
    • ‘The Anglo-Saxon type is over-all mesocephalic, with a minor tendency towards brachycephaly, possibly reflecting a measure of round-headedness in the Cro-Magnid strain(s).’
    • ‘The Gauls as so represented were mesocephalic, mesoprosopic, and on the upper borders of leptorrhiny.’
    • ‘The dominant and rare types of head shape in the native Fars group were mesocephalic and hyperbrachycephalic respectively, while in the Turkman group they were mesocephalic and hyperbrachycephalic.’
    • ‘Based on the cephalic index, the head shape of 42.4% of individuals were brachycephalic, 7.6% hyperbrachycephalic, 40.9% mesocephalic and 8.1% dolicocephalic.’
    • ‘In case of female figures the headform is mesocephalic, the forehead is rounded with a pint of bracycephalic element, the chin is well curved.’