Definition of mesoblast in US English:



  • The mesoderm of an embryo in its earliest stages.

    • ‘This paper is the first attempt of explaining the leaf morphology and arrangement on pomegranate brachyblasts, mesoblasts and auxiblasts, based on genetics and physiology data.’
    • ‘The movements of these male-specific mesoblasts occur independently of the concomitant divisions of these cells.’
    • ‘To be seen is the differentiation of the mesoblast into the paraxial, intermediate and lateral plate mesoderm’
    • ‘Between them are the two middle-layers, or mesoblasts, which enclose the body-cavity.’
    • ‘They correspond to circulating mesodermal cells which we consider to be haemocytes or mesoblasts.’
    • ‘Those epiblast cells that undergo ingression, after they have ingressed, are called ‘mesoblast cells’’
    • ‘The mesenchymal stem cell is a pluripotent adult stem cell which can be differentiated into any one of various mesoblasts, such as an osteoblast, a chondrocyte, a skeletal muscle cell, a myocardial cell and a vascular endothelial cell.’
    • ‘Translation takes place in embryonic mesoblasts and larval fat-body cells and is deposited extracellularly in basement membranes surrounding skeletal and visceral muscles.’
    • ‘From these observations emerged the view that the horseshoe-shaped fibrillar band functions as a barrier inhibiting migration of individual mesoblast cells and expansion of tissue sheets.’
    • ‘It was demonstrated that, by late embryogenesis, the DCg1 alpha IV chain was synthesized by individual mesoblasts and deposited in basement membranes of skeletal and visceral muscles.’
    • ‘However, mesoblasts from the proximal half of older limbs (stages 24, 25 and chondrocytes) gave no outgrowths, and those from stage 23 gave outgrowths in 9% of the cases.’
    • ‘Middleton described it as failure of primitive mesoblasts to mature.’
    • ‘Using Lankester's terms epiblast, hypoblast and mesoblast for the embryonic germ layers, Balfour described chick ectoderm and endoderm for the first time in English.’
    • ‘The anabolic metabolism which regulates the whole body structural harmony, as well as the adrenal cortex, come from the mesoblast.’