Definition of mesne profits in US English:

mesne profits

plural noun

  • The profits of an estate received by a tenant in wrongful possession and recoverable by the landlord.

    • ‘Please note that Housing Benefit is available in respect of mesne profits.’
    • ‘An action for mesne profits, unlike ejectment, allows the claimant to claim damages for his loss during the period that he has been dispossessed.’
    • ‘Here, the plaintiff's claim to mesne profits is dependent upon it showing that as between it and the defendant, it was entitled to possession of the property.’
    • ‘In each case the owner (the Ministry of Defence) sought mesne profits on the basis of the open market rental value of the premises.’
    • ‘During that time, the subtenant on the land will be in the position of a trespasser, and as such can be required to pay mesne profits to the landlord.’
    • ‘The nearest analogy is a claim for mesne profits.’