Definition of mesially in US English:



  • See mesial

    • ‘So, for example, the tetrapod splenial developed a medially-directed twist of the ventral margin, exposing the splenial ventrally and mesially.’
    • ‘In apical view, tooth 1 has a D-shaped cross section, with curved margin of the ‘D' facing mesially, and a broad groove extending over the distal surface of the crown.’
    • ‘This is compensated by a rotation of the crus about the long axis of the pes at the mesotarsal joint, so that the crus is reoriented from mesially inclined toward the body to vertical or laterally inclined.’
    • ‘In anterior view the tooth is slightly mesially inclined.’
    • ‘The jaw is deepest in the adductor fossa region and shallow anteriorly as a result of a pronounced medially-directed twist of the ventral margin such that the splenial is exposed ventrally and mesially.’