Definition of mesembryanthemum in US English:



  • A fleshy succulent plant of the carpetweed family, often with showy flowers. Several varieties are grown as ornamentals.

    Mesembryanthemum and related genera (especially Carpobrotus), family Aizoaceae

    • ‘I have no idea what mesembryanthemums are, but I am going to find out.’
    • ‘Out near the lighthouse at Cabo Sardão the cliffs were smothered in mesembryanthemum, sherbet-yellow flowers in tangles of fleshy leaves.’
    • ‘A lot of South African species survive in dryish conditions - Geraniums, mesembryanthemums, etc.’
    • ‘Its semi-desert vegetation of grass, shrubs, karoobossies and mesembryanthemums covers the hills and vales, and epitomises the wild and free spirit of this land.’
    • ‘‘When he examined it more closely he found it was not a daisy but a drosanthemum, which is a member of the mesembryanthemum family,’ Rabie said.’
    • ‘For ease of maintenance mesembryanthemums can't be beaten because they come in bright colours and require little water and develop into soft billows.’
    • ‘Things like sea holly, sea cabbage and mesembryanthemums all need the sun to open their flowers…’


Modern Latin, based on Greek mesēmbria ‘noon’ + anthemon ‘flower’.