Definition of mesclun in US English:


(also mesclun salad)


  • A salad made from a selection of lettuces with other edible leaves such as dandelion greens, mustard greens, and radicchio.

    as modifier ‘I like to make my mesclun salad with mustard and turnip greens plus wild watercress’
    • ‘Thin-skinned crab ravioli are adrift in a gingery consommé studded with the same golden beets that brighten up his citrus-and-miso-dressed mesclun salad.’
    • ‘In a bowl, mix the mesclun with half of the vinaigrette and season.’
    • ‘Just before serving, mix the julienned figs, peatendrils, and mesclun with the vinaigrette.’
    • ‘The chicken club sandwich had a grilled chicken breast, bacon and mayonnaise, and came with a crisp mesclun salad.’
    • ‘Begin by eating two daily servings of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables (like apples or mesclun salad greens) and one daily serving of whole grains (like oatmeal).’
    • ‘Spread on top of a flour tortilla; layer with deli roast beef, mint leaves, and mesclun salad mix.’
    • ‘We have followed the larger market trends toward more adventurous eating, i.e. mesclun greens, fresh herbs, exotic vegetables.’
    • ‘Spinach, cilantro, ‘Sylvetta’ arugula, mustards, oriental greens, lettuce and mesclun mixes can all be planted in cold soil.’
    • ‘Veteran growers at the market offered garlic shoots, Asian greens, mesclun mixes, hot peppers, and lots of herbs.’
    • ‘Of course mesclun salad has to have wild mushrooms.’
    • ‘Roast pork, complete with tooth-smashing crackling, and a hearty side helping of bitter greens - puha, if you can find some in your suburban paradise, but a good mesclun and radicchio salad will do.’
    • ‘Instead, I had the mixed greens, a fresh mound of mesclun topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.’
    • ‘Choose looseleaf lettuce varieties like ‘Oak Leaf’ or ‘Red Sails’, or any mesclun.’
    • ‘They'd seen the show before, but then they'd had shish kebab and mesclun salad before, and that hadn't dampened their appetites.’
    • ‘The more successful of the two salads we had consisted of cold poached salmon with a mascarpone-slathered crostini, some mesclun and a zingy cucumber and caper relish.’
    • ‘Also I couldn't find tarragon and chervil, so I just used mesclun salad greens with a bit of edible flowers.’
    • ‘You have her to thank for all the mesclun (that baby greens mix) that is everywhere you turn these days.’
    • ‘And the other day we had a fab mesclun salad with roast pears, spicy hazelnuts and blue cheese dressing.’
    • ‘The selection of vegetables includes crudités, such as carrots and celery, mesclun (mixed greens) and sliced tomatoes with pesto and grated Parmesan.’
    • ‘The restaurants below are serving up a unique mesclun of Japanese sensibilities, Hawaii ingredients, and international savoir faire with dishes that you won't find anywhere else in the world.’


Provençal, literally ‘mixture’, from mesclar ‘mix thoroughly’.