Definition of mescal buttons in English:

mescal buttons

plural noun

  • another term for peyote buttons
    • ‘All bow their heads in prayer, then, taking the mescal buttons from the jar in which they are stored, the leader of the ceremony hands four buttons to each man.’
    • ‘After all the children had gone one young mother who had not eaten many of the mescal buttons opened her eyes.’
    • ‘The grayish, mushroom shaped tops, called peyote or mescal buttons, yield nine alkaloids, of which mescaline is the principal active agent.’
    • ‘The dumpling cactus is the source, when dried, of peyote or mescal buttons.’
    • ‘The practice of chewing small slices of peyote (often called mescal buttons) continues today among many North American tribes.’
    • ‘The Anhalonium plant from which the mescal buttons are obtained grows in barren and rocky soil in the valley of the Rio Grande.’
    • ‘He fills it with a blend of bachelor's and mescal buttons, passes it around, and soon the group is basking in a quietly communal pipe dream, the group bay reduced to a fading memory.’
    • ‘More than half a century ago, the noted American neurologist, Weir Mitchell, chewed some of the mescal buttons of the peyote cactus and reported that he felt ‘as if the unseen millions of the Milky Way were to flow in a sparkling river before my eyes.’’
    • ‘The small spineless peyote, a globe-shaped cactus and the source of mescal buttons, rarely rises more than an inch or so above the soil surface.’
    • ‘At night dried peyote tops (mescal buttons) are moistened and swallowed - from 4 to 30 or more.’