Definition of merrymaking in US English:



  • The process of enjoying oneself with others, especially by dancing and drinking.

    ‘I'd had my fill of merrymaking and decided to stay put till my headache eased’
    • ‘On Friday the Museum of Richmond hosts Come Forth and Play, a look at engravings of merrymaking, playing Tudor games and making a Nine Men's Morris.’
    • ‘The juxtaposition of a park for merrymaking alongside a park designed to evoke a sense of debt owed past sacrifice accounted for the shrine's broad-based appeal.’
    • ‘For that authentic, sweaty, draft-drenched night-at-the-Commie experience, you're ironically advised to consider the Sidetrack Café for your New Year's merrymaking.’
    • ‘I can not believe a nation as addicted to drinking, hunting, fighting and riotous merrymaking as the English didn't have some rousing folk music in the past.’
    • ‘Few of us sit down every day, as they do across much of Europe, for a relaxing family meal that could take up to three hours of fun-filled banter and merrymaking to consume.’
    • ‘The hours of merrymaking and celebration had stretched late the night before, and she suspected there would be more than one person who took carris seed before the ceremony.’
    • ‘Which is reason enough to celebrate, although it has taken awhile for the members of Radke's bargaining team to climb on board for the merrymaking.’
    • ‘But all the merrymaking ends when the trial begins.’
    • ‘More ceilidh dancing, drinking and merrymaking.’
    • ‘While our brothers and sisters in Aceh were experiencing a great calamity, some of us were indulging in convivial merrymaking at luxury hotels on New Year's Eve.’
    • ‘This is most evident in the second movement, described as having ‘a sense of animation and urgency’ which feels more like merrymaking under duress.’
    • ‘Christmas trees, lights, candles, trimmings and turkeys will be among the things turning seasonal merrymaking into misery and mayhem for Swindon families over the holiday period.’
    • ‘Nozomi will bear no grudge; for it detracts from his happiness and capacity for merrymaking.’
    • ‘He heard a few reactionary mutterings of disappointment amongst the barflies; staff smashing glasses was the height of sophisticated merrymaking after a certain volume of arm-bending.’
    • ‘More raucous merrymaking took place in public spaces as artisans and farmers raised liberty poles and enlisted men fired thirteen-gun salutes.’
    • ‘The Ati-atihan festival in honor of Santo Nino, one of the most revered Roman Catholic icons in the Philippines, was stopped, turning merrymaking into mourning for the victims.’
    • ‘Yet the din emanating from the country's corporate boardrooms is not that of clinking champagne glasses and boisterous merrymaking.’
    • ‘Call it the urge to shake a leg or a penchant for merrymaking or an ideal mix of fun and entertainment.’
    • ‘Throughout the European countryside, the culmination of harvest season has always been a cue for thanksgiving and merrymaking, a time to kill the fatted calf, crack open a few bottles, have a dance and get seasonally sloshed.’
    • ‘Large inset windows reveal generic scenes of merrymaking inside the pub.’
    • ‘I tell them to celebrate widely, and I ask the police not to lock them up just because they are merrymaking.’
    • ‘All around me, the merrymaking sounds of the party continued on, but I was oblivious.’
    • ‘Peals of laughter and merrymaking yelled out through the wood door.’
    • ‘His earlier genre scenes concentrate on peasants merrymaking or brawling in houses, taverns, or barns.’
    • ‘They also abandoned whole towns to go merrymaking.’
    • ‘Finally, scholars trace the ‘Santa Claus’ story to an incident in which an intoxicated Saint Nicholas returned home after a winter's night of merrymaking, surprised to find his house keys no longer worked.’
    • ‘Little did the complacent Bezirk know that West German accounts of the very same meetings spoke of laughter, merrymaking and private house parties.’
    • ‘Em was not isolated from the merrymaking - against her will, of course.’
    • ‘It was supposed to contain not a jot of propaganda, to be all sheer art, merrymaking, and the euphoria of proud toil.’
    • ‘We do not smirk at the misery or the merrymaking of immoral culture.’
    • ‘None of the merrymaking warriors is looking towards where a long column of tiny figures is stealthily descending upon them.’
    • ‘General merrymaking on the second day of Easter includes the rolling of Easter eggs, games to test one's strength, and swinging on swings.’
    • ‘In three decades of celebrations, friendly gatherings, bashes, and general merrymaking, I've never experienced anything quite like it.’
    • ‘I've hardly known a bloke who did not like the merrymaking, that Christimas epitomises.’
    • ‘After an evening of requisite merrymaking, I eventually summoned forth the energy to stumble out of bed the next day and wander the short distance from my hotel to the event grounds.’
    • ‘So the goofy Greeks decorated their merrymaking in pretty bows and successfully sublimated their impulses with constrictive ceremonial routines.’
    • ‘In all of this merrymaking, I cannot overlook the meticulous research into instruments and music that preludes such an undertaking.’
    • ‘The wider feelings of distrust or dislike for the Irish harbored by some passengers on board were concentrated in the disapproval of their dancing and general merrymaking.’
    • ‘I broke my tune, and raised my head in the merrymaking's direction.’
    • ‘Participating in the merrymaking occurs amongst all regardless if one is employed or unemployed.’
    high spirits, high-spiritedness, exuberance
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