Definition of merguez in US English:


(also merguez sausage)


  • A spicy beef and lamb sausage colored with red peppers, originally made in parts of North Africa.

    • ‘The Brochette Coconut is for the undecided carnivore - chicken, pork, beef and a merguez sausage all skewered up and grilled to perfection.’
    • ‘The couscous plate is a hill of semoule with carrots, chickpeas, a potato, two merguez and savoury broth.’
    • ‘If you have ever made the mistake of eating merguez in a French motorway cafeteria you will know how horrible the commercial kind can be: gristly, fatty, staggeringly salty.’
    • ‘The Méditerranéen couscous plate was equivalent to its vegetarian cousin, with the addition of a chicken brochette, lamb brochette and a merguez sausage.’
    • ‘The food, though inexpensive, is delicious: aromatic tagines, spicy merguez, sweet pastilla.’
    • ‘The merguez also add a warming spicy kick to this simple stew.’
    • ‘A few obvious substitutions you could make would be merguez sausages for the chorizo or tuna for the cod.’
    • ‘Options range from beef, ostrich and chicken patties, to combos like boar and Brie, beef and merguez, or venison and goat cheese.’
    • ‘The merguez was the real thing, a whole different sausage than the bright red links so rampant at supermarkets.’
    • ‘You need good potatoes and, for the sausage, an all-meat Cumberland works well, but you can use whatever you like: merguez, lamb, pork, or a mix of your favourites.’
    • ‘The staple food is couscous, with lamb and merguez sausage, or chicken or fish, plus an ample provision of vegetables and a hot chilli sauce as the standard accompaniment.’
    • ‘A cream cheese and salmon version is also available, as well as a merguez sandwich.’
    • ‘The lamb is flavored like merguez sausage, the bread thin and tender.’
    • ‘My rack of lamb was remarkable only for the delicious merguez sausage accompanying it.’
    • ‘The meat is mostly lamb skewers, lamb chops and merguez, those typical spicy sausages, but also chicken, although this may have been introduced to please Western palates.’
    • ‘There are also lots of sausage stands, grilling either spicy North African merguez or obscenely shaped torpedoes that suggest the region's donkeys are probably braying in falsetto.’
    • ‘I highly recommend the merguez, a quartet of delicious grilled sausages, not too greasy and properly seasoned with just the right amount of cumin.’
    • ‘Six Senegalese porters lived in the single room below us, holding cheerful merguez barbecues with the window closed in case the landlord caught them.’
    • ‘Pretty much anywhere you go in Paris, you'll find a restaurant (or just a counter behind a storefront) where you can pick up a merguez sausage sandwich.’
    • ‘You can tuck in to moules frites or merguez, a spicy Spanish sausage, and chips.’


French, from Arabic mirkās, mirqās.