Definition of mercurous in US English:



  • Of mercury with a valence of one; of mercury(I).

    Compare with mercuric
    • ‘Reports of mercury poisoning from beauty creams containing calomel, or mercurous chloride, also surface regularly.’
    • ‘Gotta run now and feed the leeches, and bleed Linda for her headache… She's not reacting well to the calomel - mercurous chloride - I gave her yesterday.’
    • ‘Metallic mercury apparently does not cause hypersensitivity and is relevant only as a source of mercury vapor; it would appear that most inorganic mercuric and mercurous salts do not provoke immune reactions.’
    • ‘Forty male golden Syrian hamsters were classified into eight groups: negative control, positive control and six groups treated with different doses of mercurous chloride.’