Definition of mercado in US English:



  • (in Spanish-speaking regions) a market.

    • ‘From Nov.1 to Dec.25, the booklet offers l0-40% discounts on the wares of local merchants and mercados, and dangles such incentives as free gifts with purchase.’
    • ‘Joanne departs for the mercado to buy ceramic cups - ‘cupitos’ she calls them - leaving me and Donald to figure out the immense complicated coffee machine while Anne keeps vigil over the pods.’
    • ‘Most consumer goods are bought and sold in large, open periodic markets (mercados).’
    • ‘The product can now be found on the shelves of major grocery stores, convenience stores, national chain retailers and local mercados.’
    • ‘Every morning I'd do my daily pull-ups on a pipe in the bathroom of my high-ceilinged pension, and then lace on my boots and run from the mercado, at 12,000 feet, up to the 14,000-foot rim of the Altiplano.’


Spanish, from Latin mercatus ‘market’.