Definition of menudo in US English:



  • A spicy Mexican soup made from tripe.

    • ‘Families bring their own pots to buy menudo - tripe and pig's foot stew - and other specialities in bulk on weekends.’
    • ‘It combines Hispanic influences, from the Mexican soup menudo, made with tripe, hominy, and chili powder, with Italian elements, adding cheese and garlic to the soup.’
    • ‘If you are into Mexican food they serve menudo, fajitas, various types of tacos, enchiladas, carnitas, rice, beans and more.’
    • ‘‘Everybody got together at my grandmother's house for an enormous meal: posole, menudo, tamales,’ he says.’
    • ‘Made with beef tripe and hominy, menudo is often flavored with garlic, onions, and dried chilies.’


Noun use of a Mexican Spanish adjective meaning ‘small’.