Definition of mentalism in US English:



  • The theory that physical and psychological phenomena are ultimately explicable only in terms of a creative and interpretative mind.

    • ‘‘I'm interested in magic, sleight of hand and mentalism, which is like a mind reading thing,’ explains Warren.’
    • ‘However, as behaviorists are amply aware, the use of subjective reporting suffers from a tendency towards unreliability, and at worse an embrace of mentalism.’
    • ‘Magic in Theory would have benefited from further discussion of mentalism and psychic entertainment.’
    • ‘She was beginning to get a headache and figured it would probably be easiest to rely on her physical ability than her recently-discovered mentalism.’
    • ‘I found this list useful in that it provides references to several other magic books of note, although more for the references to the literature of mentalism and some relevant citations to parapsychological publications.’