Definition of menacer in US English:



  • See menace

    • ‘Three days later, after the young secretary identified one of her menacers as a former police agent, a fifth thug threatened her life as well.’
    • ‘We tell them we need them to be contributors, not menacers to society.’
    • ‘It is true, that the question certainly arises, whether we try to eliminate the causes of terrorism with the same ardour as we want to prevent the terror attacks or to arrest delinquents and menacers.’
    • ‘Maybe the menacers were just a bunch of rowdy, irresponsible kids on an adrenaline rush - no conspiracies, no evil plots.’
    • ‘Last year we just had a few little menacers indoors in May, then the big swarm in July, when all the wingers strut their stuff.’