Definition of memorialization in US English:


(British memorialisation)


  • See memorialize

    • ‘The need to process that type of trauma is what memorialization is about.’
    • ‘An important part of baseball's appeal is the continuous memorialization of great players and teams, outstanding plays, and thrilling games.’
    • ‘In an interview with the artist, van den Berg told me: ‘The stones stem from a need to find a language of memorialization that could be comprehended by a range of viewers.’’
    • ‘The recognition that memorials, like other buildings, may be planned for obsolescence breaks radically from traditions of memorialization, which are based on an ideal, however quixotic, of permanence.’
    • ‘Although he does use a few sources from other parts of the South, his focus is squarely on Virginia, where activities related to the war and its memorialization were both concentrated and well documented.’