Definition of memorabilia in English:


plural noun

  • 1treated as singular or plural Objects kept or collected because of their historical interest, especially those associated with memorable people or events.

    ‘World Series memorabilia’
    • ‘The committee is also compiling a collection of memorabilia from previous shows to be put on display on the show day.’
    • ‘She leads me through a collection of memorabilia which starkly bring to life the awesome task these early settlers faced just to stay alive.’
    • ‘One of the highlights of the day was the collection of memorabilia that the late David Hardcastle had left that pertained to the fixture.’
    • ‘Also, if you do have any celebrity memorabilia that you've collected sell it quick before the market collapses.’
    • ‘This is an interesting collection of memorabilia about Bedford from the 1940s onward.’
    • ‘Mahendra has his own collection of memorabilia which he has sourced from Australia and South Africa.’
    • ‘Collectors of memorabilia will be familiar with a souvenir plate issued by the City of Leeds which carries the date June 26.’
    • ‘He collects sporting memorabilia including 39 signed rugby balls and countless signed photos of players.’
    • ‘Norpa is keen to collect old photos, memorabilia and stories about Lismore's major floods.’
    • ‘Marie amassed the most important collection of Napoleon memorabilia in the world.’
    • ‘These photos, along with Walt Burton's collection of period memorabilia, give us a unique view of that historic event.’
    • ‘It has a small museum with a collection of memorabilia, including examples of a lot of the lively art which found its way onto aircraft noses.’
    • ‘And I showed pictures from the vast collection of memorabilia Daniel has built up during the past seven years.’
    • ‘His collection of bridge memorabilia is said to number five thousand items.’
    • ‘Mr Hope believes the games will help raise the profile of railway modelling and memorabilia collecting.’
    • ‘I have a room at home full of memorabilia that I have collected, dating over the last fifteen years or so.’
    • ‘Bell is an avid collector of music memorabilia, with a violinist focus of course.’
    • ‘Resch says his reverence for the past led him to begin to collect some memorabilia.’
    • ‘Visitors from around the world travel to see its unique collection of memorabilia from international aircrews.’
    • ‘The Railway Museum houses an impressive collection of historical railway memorabilia.’
    1. 1.1archaic Memorable or noteworthy things.
      memento, keepsake, reminder, remembrance, token, memorial
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Late 18th century: from Latin, neuter plural of memorabilis ‘memorable’.