Definition of membership in US English:



  • 1The fact of being a member of a group.

    as modifier ‘a membership card’
    ‘I was selected for membership in the National Honor Society’
    • ‘On the upside, the Olympiad still retains relatively healthy membership figures.’
    • ‘They had very strict definitions of membership and rigorous membership tests.’
    • ‘In fact, once you receive our membership kit you never hear from us again.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that we have paid the subscription for this month, we were advised that we are unable to use our memberships without valid cards.’
    • ‘The division offers memberships for students and for foreign affiliates, as well as for full members.’
    • ‘I take out my wallet and rifle through my collection of passes and membership cards.’
    • ‘So I now have my Discordian and Subgenius membership cards permanently in my wallet.’
    • ‘However, she will only have membership rights if she applied for them separately.’
    • ‘As the playing season is starting earlier this season membership fees are now due.’
    • ‘The scheme could be a one-off pledge or renewable annually as a type of debenture or membership fee.’
    • ‘All borrowers need to do is have their membership number to hand, ready to enter using the phone keys.’
    • ‘They do not carry membership cards, they have not taken any oath of allegiance.’
    • ‘Female membership was, in fact, approved at the club's annual meeting in February.’
    • ‘What makes them so susceptible to membership cards and the illusion of influence?’
    • ‘If you do not have the new plastic bar-coded membership card please come in and sign up.’
    • ‘There will new membership and VIP cards so existing holders will need to reapply.’
    • ‘The only income that the club has enjoyed in the past has been confined to ticket money and membership sales.’
    • ‘Then there are the ones you have to pay for, but get great value for your membership dollar.’
    • ‘I'll hand in my membership card and become a monk, take the vow and never return.’
    • ‘I've met many of these, and believe me you wouldn't like to earn your gold membership card here.’
    belonging, associateship
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    1. 1.1in singular The number or body of members in a group.
      ‘our membership has grown by 600,000 in the past 18 months’
      • ‘They are responsive to the general public rather than responsible to a membership.’
      • ‘Asked why she faced being deselected, he said she had lost the support of the body of the membership.’
      • ‘Promoters were boasting a membership of more than 700 even before the concrete was dry.’
      • ‘But, like many clubs in the area, they have not been able to have a full membership.’
      • ‘The current position with both of the bowls clubs is the membership is in decline.’
      • ‘How much is a membership in the Institute of Advanced Drivers worth in terms of being a safer driver?’
      • ‘Any authority it had flowed from the membership of states, not directly from the people.’
      • ‘During his time there the church membership grew from thirty-eight to well over a hundred.’
      • ‘The rules and regulations of a club membership are something you are either built to fit in with or take flight from.’
      • ‘These standing committees had a fluctuating membership and no subject specialism.’
      • ‘He also thanked the membership for supporting the numerous events that the society had organised.’
      • ‘He said the motion's wording had not been completed and was due to be discussed by the membership.’
      • ‘If the employers are now digging their heels in then we need action involving all the membership.’
      • ‘Now the membership is up in the thousands and we need the staff's help to identify the people.’
      • ‘Mr Sharpe said it was not fair to the membership of the society as a whole to subsidise a loss-making branch.’
      • ‘There are many things which a greater membership could help us to achieve.’
      • ‘Word is that the membership is not impressed by the present leaders of the grouping.’
      • ‘It is time for the membership to have their say and it appears there are opinions both ways.’
      • ‘The Trust is now in the process of electing a board of governors, who will be drawn from the membership.’
      • ‘At the moment the club boasts a membership of an excess of twelve hundred members.’
      members, subscribers, associates, representatives, attenders, fellows, comrades, followers
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