Definition of melting pot in US English:

melting pot


  • 1A pot in which metals or other materials are melted and mixed.

    • ‘Mr West, who joined the company in 1943, said the typesetting was done by hand, using steel type or by using complicated-looking machines with melting pots.’
    1. 1.1 A place where different peoples, styles, theories, etc. are mixed together.
      ‘a melting pot of disparate rhythms and cultures’
      • ‘The initial concept that all the people forming the Modern Nation-states will result in a uniform culture, a melting pot, has been lately questioned.’
      • ‘London is host to a diversity and is a melting pot of culture.’
      • ‘Britain has become one of the most ethnically mixed countries in the world, and out of its cultural melting pot, new words and new dialects are being created.’
      • ‘Kees, the band, is set to create a melting pot of musical styles both locally and abroad which will shift the dimensions of local music.’
      • ‘India, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, has become a melting pot of different civilizations.’
      • ‘Step outside of Trinidad, however, and it's a totally different melting pot.’
      • ‘This region was a cultural melting pot into which many ideas flowed, along with goods and commodities from the Asian trade routes.’
      • ‘He talks about the ways in which tribes in particular neighborhoods retain tribal customs and loyalties, rather than having merged into a melting pot.’
      • ‘We're a melting pot of different cultural traditions, without the commonalities to bind us all together.’
      • ‘They play a melting pot of styles from country blues to folk, as well as some stunning new original compositions that are impossible to pigeonhole.’
      • ‘Tone-on-tone or monochrome colour combinations keep this melting pot of styles together and ensure a look that is not too loud.’
      • ‘Not surprisingly, fusion cuisine continued to be popular, melding tastes from different cultures into one melting pot.’
      • ‘The resulting exhibition is a melting pot of different styles and ideas - the only common theme being the small size of the artworks.’
      • ‘Located on the southwest tip of the Subcontinent, facing the Indian Ocean, Cochin is one of the world's great melting pots of culture, where people of multiple religions and ethnic backgrounds have lived peaceably for centuries.’
      • ‘Since its inception, jazz has been a melting pot of musical styles, reflecting the nation in which it was born.’
      • ‘They take a good deal of interest in the exhibits lined up in the 25 stalls there, making the event a melting pot of cultures.’
      • ‘This city is one huge melting pot of different ethnic groups.’
      • ‘New Orleans, a melting pot of European culture in the South, is a treat for the senses.’
      • ‘Since the beginning of the century, the city had been the epicentre of world art; a melting pot that mixed surrealist outrage with vastly diverse styles of painting.’
      • ‘The United States is considered to be a melting pot of cultures.’


melting pot

/ˈmɛltɪŋ ˌpɑt//ˈmeltiNG ˌpät/