Definition of melodramatics in English:


plural noun

  • Melodramatic behavior, action, or writing.

    • ‘Those scripts had occasional moments of truth but were stuck in a rut of creaky sentiment and melodramatics.’
    • ‘Most of the ‘big’ scenes take place off-screen, and while that approach avoids melodramatics, it also avoids dramatics too.’
    • ‘Cinnamon sensed the others were growing intolerant with his melodramatics, however genuine.’
    • ‘Apart from its balletic set-pieces of gunfights, the film ran a gauntlet of emotions from violent excitement to melodramatics to softhearted sentimentality.’
    • ‘His Albrecht was impetuous and fierce tempered, clearly in love with Giselle, and his final scene was simple but deeply felt, and avoided extraneous melodramatics.’
    • ‘The film's clobbering delivery of this soap opera is not made any subtler by the anguish Christoffer feels at losing his humanity and, in the process, his wife: this is simply the cue for yet more dreary melodramatics.’
    • ‘I don't really agree with some of Cosby's reasoning or melodramatics, but his crux is excellent.’
    • ‘Or maybe it's just old-fashioned, gutwrenching melodramatics.’
    • ‘She has an actress's flair for melodramatics and is more than a little bit spoiled besides.’
    • ‘I have pressing business in Philadelphia and precious little time to waste on her melodramatics.’
    • ‘Another long pause of silence, not due to shock or confusion, just because they'd done this before and neither felt it necessary to repeat melodramatics.’
    • ‘He replied adding a bit more melodramatics that were absolutely necessary and also using the nickname I had acquired from him when we first met.’
    • ‘In neither case are the flawed endings disastrous, but, for discerning viewers, the end-game melodramatics may leave a slightly bitter taste.’
    • ‘Keiko rose her eyebrows, waiting for Anji to skip the melodramatics and get to the point.’
    • ‘Over the years, Wright's melodramatics grew tiresome, but these were genuine tears.’
    • ‘Tosca may be an audience-pleasing masterpiece, but apparently young singers no longer relate to its sweaty melodramatics.’
    • ‘I fear it still sounds that way to me, even in this simpler version, which retains all the sweaty climaxes and empty posturing of the original, musical features that make the play's overcooked melodramatics even harder to take.’
    • ‘The drawn out melodramatics annoy Isabelle and she stirs her drink with a finger, keeping her eyes on the glass.’
    • ‘In fact, despite Katie Sketch's melodramatics (at times), her yearning howl is easily the most original thing here.’
    • ‘The editing is swift but unobtrusive and the images are crisp and glossy, while the blatantly phony sets provide the perfect backdrop for both McKinney's chipper deadpan and the hyper-theatrical melodramatics of his costars.’