Definition of melodiousness in US English:



  • See melodious

    • ‘This song not only demonstrates his flexible range, but also the melodiousness of his voice.’
    • ‘I have often remarked that unmusical American English, however close to Elizabethan pronunciation, falls well short of that British melodiousness with which English actors can liltingly enhance Shakespeare.’
    • ‘The aquatic theme is continued on the album cover and is a general metaphor for the melodiousness of the music which washes in and out but doesn't leave any lasting impact.’
    • ‘Landini's music is noted for its fluid melodiousness and rhythmic grace, in contrast to the more angular manner of his French contemporary, Guillaume de Machaut.’
    • ‘In the Kedar rendition, Kaikini showed the traditional crisp melodiousness, accompanied by his daughter Aditi and his son Yogesh Samsi on the tabla.’