Definition of megohm in English:



  • A unit of electrical resistance equal to one million ohms.

    • ‘His third prototype culminated his design, which, he wrote, is ‘a simple switching gate circuit which produces an AC current; the cycle rate is achieved by the use of two one megohm resistors and a 0.01 microfarad capacitor.’’
    • ‘The tester compares the measurement to preset lower and upper (1.25 or 10 megohms) resistance levels.’
    • ‘This inaccurate value is 6.67% higher than the actual parallel resistance of 25 megohms.’
    • ‘After drying for 24 hours at ambient temperature, its surface resistivity is 0.005 megohm per square, a value which is 1000 times less than the minimum of 5 megohms per square required.’
    • ‘With this megohm meter all you need to do is connect both leads to your motor or device and press and hold the button and view the graph.’


Mid 19th century: from mega- (as a unit of measurement) + ohm.