Definition of megastore in US English:



  • A very large store, typically one specializing in a particular type of product.

    ‘a computer megastore’
    • ‘Suburban shopping invited first the supermarket, then the megastore.’
    • ‘I ask where the evidence is that any of the communities that have been blessed by the presence of a megastore in recent years have actually benefited.’
    • ‘Both chains recently launched jazzy new megastores.’
    • ‘How does a small business that retails foodstuffs and other such products survive economically when surrounded by megastores?’
    • ‘Last September, though, the discounter opened the first of what is expected to be about 15 megastores ringing Cincinnati.’
    • ‘The home-improvement megastore, which replaced a vacant Sears store, is the first development of its kind in the neighborhood in years.’
    • ‘But step into one of today's megastores and you don't know where to begin.’
    • ‘We used to go to the corner shop - we now go to the megastore.’
    • ‘According to Klein's carefully researched book, some 27 million workers in more than 70 Third World countries are now turning out the bulk of the brand-name merchandise on display in the malls and megastores of the West.’
    • ‘As a result, books at these megastores have a very short shelf life, or maybe no life at all; the publication of some titles is canceled before that point if the chains don't come through with a large enough advance order.’
    • ‘Tomorrow, voters will determine if the company can build and operate a megastore and a number of chain shops in this city of 112,000.’
    • ‘Israel looks and feels like California; there are housing developments and big-box megastores, and the traffic is terrible.’
    • ‘Their megastore in the Flaggs shopping complex in Shinjuku does have a large imported section and is open from 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. daily.’
    • ‘Still, we in New York are at a disadvantage, in that we lack the sprawling megastores with their extensive options, including takeout and eat-in stations.’
    • ‘Those smaller stores, not to mention mom-and-pop operations in provincial towns, are threatened by the big international megastores.’
    • ‘This suggests the new megastore is humming with estimated weekly sales of 1.9m a week - that's 100m annually.’
    • ‘A trip to one of Edmonton's entertainment megastores confirms our shortage of sophisticated electronics.’
    • ‘Visitors, especially schoolchildren, come to see historic York, not megastores bringing more traffic and pollution.’
    • ‘Both his extraordinary outfits that day ought to be on sale in the megastore soon.’
    • ‘We bite into an allegedly ripe, tomato-looking something-or-other from the megastore and we are saddened by its utter lack of substance.’
    store, retail store, outlet, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry
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