Definition of megaphone in US English:



  • A large funnel-shaped device for amplifying and directing the voice.

    • ‘Through megaphones, voices in broken English blared out at them, urging them to surrender and lay down their arms.’
    • ‘I also heard sirens and a booming voice yelled through a megaphone,’
    • ‘In an attempt to break the strike, management used megaphones to instruct the afternoon shift, who were gathered in a car park, to return to work or face immediate dismissal.’
    • ‘Organised fans carry small plastic megaphones which they thump with enthusiasm against the seats in front.’
    • ‘There were about a dozen in their group and upon their arrival they began unveiling banners and whipped out the megaphones.’
    • ‘From a megaphone, the signal to start was given.’
    • ‘They had him cornered; the helicopter closed in above his head, whipping up sand and water droplets; from somewhere, a megaphone voice barked at him.’
    • ‘If it would be grotesque and insensitive to boom out the poems and project them through a megaphone, it would be equally inappropriate to read them too delicately and reduce them to something like a whisper.’
    • ‘The other complaint, cited by visitors, was noise pollution, particularly the megaphones used to lure in customers, which often has the opposite effect.’
    • ‘The loud girl with the megaphone had stopped screaming.’
    • ‘The other hand can be cupped like a megaphone to direct the sound.’
    • ‘They caught Forte in the darkness with their search lights, and a booming voice through a megaphone said, ‘Halt.’’
    • ‘They carried on a conversation without aid of telephones, megaphones or any other voice enhancing equipment - just calling out to each other.’
    • ‘However, the new laws also target a group of protesters that used very loud megaphones which made it difficult for people working in many Commons offices to concentrate.’
    • ‘Someone who had acquired a megaphone began instructing.’
    • ‘A authoritative, though not particularly menacing voice was heard, speaking through a megaphone.’
    • ‘I heard doors slam outside and a voice on a megaphone yell, ‘Everybody freeze!’’
    • ‘Those in the front heard her voice coming around the sides of the megaphone, those in the back heard the amplified version, and the clump in the middle heard echoes.’
    • ‘When people were escaping the staff did not have torches or megaphones and no one could see exits properly because of the thick dust.’
    • ‘People were shouting over megaphones and speakers even though they didn't need to.’
    public address system, pa system, speaker, speaker unit, speaker system, microphone
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[with object]
  • Utter through, or as if through, a megaphone.

    ‘the director stood around megaphoning orders’
    no object ‘it was only their guides megaphoning to them’
    • ‘Eight years after his megabook, Hammer is still megaphoning the need for processes.’
    • ‘It is for this string of real life problems that young people demanded unfettered media latitude to have their voice megaphoned far and wide on issues close to their chest.’