Definition of megalopolitan in US English:



  • Of or denoting a very large city.

    ‘megalopolitan traffic’
    • ‘So the islands are figuratively and literally located in the center of the very large harbor of one of the greatest ports of the world with huge and growing megalopolitan regions to our north and south and with fast, efficient, expanding and high volume air and water transportation systems running over, around and through us.’
    • ‘While these examples of megalopolitan development are taken from ‘more developed’ countries - with the possible exception of China - the story of ‘mega’ urbanization at the global scale is really one that today is playing out mostly in ‘less developed’ countries (LDCs).’
    • ‘But one thing worthy of note is the fact that Jakarta, as a megalopolitan city, deserves bigger and better entertainment centers, and a lively, decent nightlife.’
    • ‘These new megalopolitan urban forms have both created even greater social and ecological challenges than the industrial metropolis, but could also point to new solutions for sustainable futures that were never realized by modern city planning.’
    • ‘Despite this endless suburbanized development throughout the world and most particularly in North America, there remains the occasional capital city where some kind of urban planning process is still being significantly maintained such as Helsinki or the recent refurbishing of Barcelona which is yet another example of an exception to the megalopolitan norm.’
    • ‘Interviews were conducted with national / megalopolitan disaster-control organizations, lifeline service providers, highway operators, railway operators, etc. to identify the current anti-disaster status of capital functions.’


  • An inhabitant of a very large city.

    • ‘Congestion is the watchword by which megalopolitans and contrapolitans distinguish one another.’


Mid 17th century: from megalo- ‘great’ + Greek politēs ‘citizen’ + -an.