Definition of megachiropteran in US English:


adjective & noun

  • See Megachiroptera

    • ‘There is much debate over the evolution of bats, with some suggesting that megachiropterans are more closely related to primates (including humans) than to microchiropterans.’
    • ‘Baby megachiropterans are born weighing 20-30 percent of their mother's weight, and unlike many other microchiropterans, they are born with their eyes open, and with lots of hair!’
    • ‘All megachiropterans are nocturnal with the notable exception of Pteropus samoensis.’
    • ‘A megachiropteran bat will use its sense of smell to find food.’
    • ‘The physical appearance of this species is similar to that of megachiropterans in general, with large eyes, simple ears, and no facial ornamentation.’