Definition of megabuck in US English:



usually megabucks
  • 1A million dollars.

    • ‘Since then, his book has spent 15 weeks at number one over here, and there have been two megabucks American book deals and a reputed $6.3 million film deal.’
    • ‘At issue is a megabuck Pentagon jet deal that could go a long way toward shoring up Boeing's bottom line.’
    • ‘I don't think the Bears should pay him megabucks, but he certainly deserves more than the $425,000 he's scheduled to make this season.’
    • ‘And most of the CEOs who had megabucks would have been in the top one-tenth of 1 percent.’
    • ‘When he agreed to the merger, international oil majors were lining up to pay megabucks for participation.’
    1. 1.1 A huge sum of money.
      ‘he has been earning megabucks for decades’
      as modifier ‘megabuck salaries’
      • ‘The former Ranger has flirted with playing in Japan because he can't find the multiyear, megabucks deal he seeks.’
      • ‘Booth space costs megabucks and no company is going to commit to that sort of investment without knowing for sure what they're going to be buying into.’
      • ‘How the small-time actors feel about the gulf that separates them from megastars who make megabucks is not discussed.’
      • ‘Coming back home, he eschewed collegiate bowling in favor of tournament play, moving onto the megabucks circuit in 1997.’
      • ‘‘Players in megabucks tournaments might have great ability in one area, whereas the players on tour have great ability in all areas,’ he says.’
      • ‘You're misinformed if you think teaching earns megabucks!’
      • ‘Stephen Franks has just mentioned, and I agree with him entirely, that we have huge documents that cost megabucks to provide - and no one reads them, and no one has much regard for them when making investment decisions.’
      • ‘What's novel this year is the intensity of the effort and the megabucks being spent.’
      • ‘Would you accept a boring job if it meant you would make megabucks?’