Definition of meet someone halfway in US English:

meet someone halfway


  • Make a compromise with someone; concede some points in order to gain others.

    ‘I am prepared to meet him halfway by paying an additional $25,000’
    • ‘I would have thought it would have met us halfway or helped stop this happening again.’
    • ‘But I think they will be met halfway, because although there is often talk of revolution, things tend to turn out less radically, and we have evolution instead.’
    • ‘I feel like I am sometimes making a lot of compromises just to maintain her friendship and she isn't meeting me halfway.’
    • ‘At first, the company said they couldn't do it at all, but then they met me halfway.’
    • ‘That's called meeting you halfway - and it's what friendship is really all about.’
    • ‘So I suspect most of them will act like the DGA has met them halfway on the matter, and we'll wait to fight this battle another day.’
    • ‘Democrats - and many Republicans - are not meeting Bush halfway, despite his willingness to preserve Social Security as a universal social program.’
    • ‘So, just as practitioners have come to realize the value of political education, the academics have met them halfway.’
    • ‘Late in the month, he met Randolph halfway, with an executive order prohibiting discrimination among defense contractors, but not in the military.’
    • ‘That was my sacrifice and I wasn't met halfway.’
    reach a compromise, find the middle ground, come to terms, come to an understanding, reach an agreement, make a deal, make concessions, find a happy medium, strike a balance
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