Definition of meekly in US English:



  • In a quiet, gentle, and submissive manner.

    ‘to keep the peace, she nodded meekly and smiled’
    ‘we should not meekly accept this fate’
    • ‘I stagger meekly to the indoor bar with my bag of flyers.’
    • ‘The development community was too entrenched for it to meekly give up its position without either a fight or an attempt at adaptation.’
    • ‘The rest of us meekly try to tune it out.’
    • ‘Too many bands just stand there, meekly playing their songs without ever bothering to say a word to the crowd or act engaged.’
    • ‘Moving forward on his hands and knees, he peered over the edge meekly.’
    • ‘He just sits there meekly, gazing out the window.’
    • ‘The words came out meekly, like I was a little girl lost in the world.’
    • ‘I meekly nodded my head, now fully aware of how I was leaning on Vince.’
    • ‘Two weeks ago, the world marched meekly into the year 2003.’
    • ‘A young girl meekly played a pipe-organ to one side of the apse.’