Definition of medical practitioner in US English:

medical practitioner


  • A physician or surgeon.

    • ‘It is to remove medical practitioners from the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Bill.’
    • ‘They hold that such claims are an unlawful restraint on medical practitioners.’
    • ‘It also extends, where relevant, to medical practitioners and health practitioners generally as well as to hospital authorities.’
    • ‘Many doctors were critical of the therapeutic value of treatments offered by masseuses, and indeed of those medical practitioners working with them.’
    • ‘We would be failing in our duties as medical practitioners if we did not make this information public.’
    • ‘Most importantly we'd recommend consulting a medical practitioner or dietitian before excluding any major food group like dairy from the diet.’
    • ‘However, in the absence of access to dental care, a medical practitioner may be called on to help.’
    • ‘It requires five years of medical school and a one-year internship for a medical practitioner to be registered.’
    • ‘So why should the case against medical practitioners be different?’
    • ‘The biomedical scientists and medical practitioners would have liked greater technical details.’
    • ‘Such medicines may only be dispensed under a prescription, made usually only by a medical practitioner or dentist.’
    • ‘All medical practitioners must be able to diagnose and manage depressive illness effectively.’
    • ‘The three member tribunal which comprises a senior legal practitioner, a medical practitioner and a sports administrator will meet at a date to be announced.’
    • ‘As we know, this bill was supposed to be based on the Medical Practitioners Act, but the medical practitioners do not want a bar of this bill any more.’
    • ‘It is something that medical practitioners and public health service providers are absolutely delighted about.’
    • ‘The motive of the researcher, therefore, differs from that of the medical practitioner.’
    • ‘Alternative treatments, though, are often given a pass by Western medical practitioners.’
    • ‘Usually the diagnosis is not difficult, and its initial recognition is within the ability of all medical practitioners.’
    • ‘I can highly recommend it for medical practitioners.’
    • ‘As medical practitioners we are not alone in facing uncertainty and risk.’
    physician, medical man, medical woman, clinician, doctor of medicine, md
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medical practitioner

/ˈˌmedəkəl prakˈtiSH(ə)nər/