Definition of media studies in US English:

media studies

plural noun

  • usually treated as singular The study of the mass media as an academic subject.

    • ‘Susan Bell teaches media studies at Balwyn High School.’
    • ‘Nick is being put straight to work by the school to teach drama, English, media studies and theatre studies.’
    • ‘Ruth, who teaches media studies and drama, watched rehearsals and last-minute preparations for the theatre's latest production.’
    • ‘His publications are in the areas of sociolinguistics and linguistic media studies in German, English, and Greek.’
    • ‘I teach media studies at Stirling University, which has its rewards.’
    • ‘Take up fine arts, music, hotel management, tourism, media studies, I tell him gently; but he isn't listening.’
    • ‘There were only 24 students taking A-levels in the department, which teaches art, music, drama, theatre studies and media studies.’
    • ‘It would be replaced, according to one report, by media studies.’
    • ‘I'm focusing on these differences because it's important that we stress tonight that this is an institute for media studies.’
    • ‘Although English is the most commonly taken exam with 81,649 candidates this year, media studies is one of the fastest rising.’
    • ‘Her friend Gemma Douglas, 18, is sitting A-levels in media studies, English literature, chemistry and general studies.’
    • ‘Many improve their position by getting pupils to take GCSEs in ‘softer’ subjects such as media studies.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, media studies was a pretty hard subject, but I was sailing through it.’
    • ‘She will take A-levels in English, media studies, art and maths at Blackburn College.’
    • ‘He teaches media studies and journalism at Pennsylvania State University.’
    • ‘Just wait until the university is charging £10,000 a year to study media studies and no one at all is coming to York to study.’
    • ‘Ollie was planning a career as a radio journalist and had visited Bath College where he wanted to take a diploma in media studies.’
    • ‘My son took an A-level in media studies last year.’
    • ‘She also taught film and media studies at the university for two years.’
    • ‘Does it belong with the larger, also-emerging field of media studies?’


media studies

/ˈmidiə ˈstədiz//ˈmēdēə ˈstədēz/