Definition of measurable in English:



  • 1Able to be measured.

    ‘objectives should be measurable and achievable’
    • ‘But the question of whether it's suitable is interesting, measurable, and worth discussing.’
    • ‘The question of making it tangible and measurable really is key.’
    • ‘Thus, the emphasis is on the learning of knowledge and practices that produce some measurable outcome, such as production quantity and quality.’
    • ‘Uncertainty is not measurable, and so cannot be quantified and handled through insurance or other arrangements.’
    • ‘However, those sellers producing high-quality goods will be better able to compete directly on terms of measurable performance and quality.’
    • ‘These will ensure that the 16 clear and measurable targets are achieved in the UK by 2010.’
    • ‘The approach relies on three quantitative inputs - asset returns, measurable asset risk, and correlation between different assets.’
    • ‘To them, time is every bit as tangible, every bit as measurable, and every bit as valuable as money.’
    • ‘A good plan is necessary in order to identify measurable objectives and outcomes.’
    • ‘Because computers produce a readily measurable output in units of computational power or memory capacity, it is a sector of the economy that readily lends itself to this kind of analysis.’
    • ‘He believed in having goals that were achievable and measurable, and he believed that you needed to be prepared in order to do what you set out to do.’
    • ‘It is not referring to anything visible, or measurable.’
    • ‘For the determination of compensation, the Western practice of performance appraisal is usually goal oriented so that management sets specific measurable goals with each employee and then periodically reviews the progress made.’
    • ‘The roadmap needs to have quantitative and measurable milestones.’
    • ‘The deep penetration, measurable down to the 1.2 metre soil thermometer and beyond, will not make headlines and will only be noted by this coming weekend.’
    • ‘In order to be worthwhile, your objectives must be Smart - simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.’
    • ‘Having meaningful and measurable performance standards is a very important component in making sure that the plan operates properly over time.’
    • ‘Being clear and communicating clearly is hard work; vague ideals must be defined, standards must be measurable, directives must be prioritized, and it all has to be understood, not just said.’
    • ‘Architects deal in measurable things - heat, light, sound, structure.’
    • ‘Process Group develops a process improvement project with tangible milestones and measurable objectives.’
    quantifiable, assessable, gaugeable, appraisable, computable, fathomable, resolvable
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    1. 1.1 Large enough to be measured; noticeable; definite.
      ‘a small but measurable improvement in behavior’
      • ‘Any change to what you're doing now needs to prove itself with substantial, measurable improvements.’
      • ‘For all this moving about of the deck chairs, Sears' business has yet to show much measurable improvement.’
      • ‘She walked beside me, keeping a measurable distance, but still close enough for me touch, if the need to arose.’
      • ‘Such exploratory activities are increasingly unattractive compared with the short-term measurable improvements in competency arising from exploitation.’
      • ‘It seems to me that cost containment must go hand in hand with a measurable improvement in storage manageability.’
      • ‘However, I didn't notice any measurable difference in temperature inside the case.’
      • ‘That's enough to have a measurable impact on economic growth.’
      • ‘I imagine developers would be resistant to including this sort of patch unless it could produce very large and measurable performance improvements.’
      • ‘Profitability and business growth are top-of-mind among chief executives as they seek to leverage business transformation strategies and achieve measurable performance improvements.’
      • ‘The challenge now is to make the transition from humanitarian relief to reconstruction assistance, and to ensure that this reconstruction assistance is delivering measurable, visible results on the ground.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the company is not yet able to say that it has seen a measurable improvement.’
      • ‘The upshot of all this stuff is that customers will notice quite measurable differences in latency and bandwidth improvements in networking on existing machines.’
      • ‘One of his patients died after the operation, but the other eight, as well as the woman who received her cells via catheter, have all shown measurable improvement.’
      • ‘Initially, the results were measurable, but not noticeable, improvements in performance.’
      • ‘On the other hand, brands will need to make a measurable, noticeable difference in social issues.’
      • ‘We have been told that real, measurable improvements in productivity are crucial if three-quarters of the awards under benchmarking are to be paid.’
      • ‘If the cataclysmic event is predicted to take place a thousand centuries from the present, will it have any measurable effects upon human behavior during the next ten generations?’
      • ‘In doing so, the push could dispel the perception that the alliances are not providing measurable benefits to passengers, but are simply a means to reduce costs while expanding geographic reach.’
      • ‘Aren't those kids that you're teaching coming into a world where the likelihood of them being able to have a measurable effect is vastly diminished?’
      • ‘The contribution should also be meaningful, visible, and measurable.’
      appreciable, noticeable, significant, visible, tangible, perceptible, obvious, striking, material, moderate, reasonable
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usually measurables
  • Something that can be quantified, especially a sports player's height and weight.

    ‘he had the worst measurables in the draft for his position’


Middle English (in the sense ‘moderate’): from Old French mesurable, from late Latin mensurabilis, from Latin mensurare ‘to measure’.