Definition of meadowland in English:



also meadowlands
  • Land used for the cultivation of grass for hay.

    • ‘We walked through the stream and out across the meadowlands beyond.’
    • ‘She stared affectionately across the meadowlands that surrounded her as a light warm breeze ran teasing fingers through her hair, knowing exactly where she was.’
    • ‘I will ask you politely - return me to my men in the meadowlands and return these royal ladies to their proper place and I shall consider the obligation fulfilled.’
    • ‘After a simple, single whistle from Arvid, they set off at a hearty gallop southeast across the great meadowlands.’
    • ‘So various devices have been evolved for dealing with the overflows, a favourite of which has been to build lodgings on meadowland owned by the colleges next to the Cam.’
    • ‘These barriers halted the early flood of Anglo-Saxon invaders to fertile meadowlands and ancient woodlands.’
    • ‘Each heir must get an equal share of land of each quality: meadowlands, pastureland, woodland, etc.’
    • ‘Scattered over the meadowland are three small pavilions, made, like the museum, with rusted steel plates over steel frames.’
    • ‘They set off at an easy canter out across the meadowlands.’
    • ‘Trimble stops - abruptly - and contemplates the peaceful meadowlands by the River Bann lying below him, with their placid herds of grazing cattle.’
    • ‘Horses run free across the meadowlands and the lion will sleep with the lamb.’
    • ‘On a clear day, any Faerie farmer tending his crops on the meadowlands below the foothills could see the numerous isolated cottages, villas, and little castles where these adepts lived.’
    grassland, flatland, lowland, pasture, open country, prairie, savannah, steppe
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